We are going to visit Goa, the place famous for its beaches, ancient monuments and its vibrant and colourful life. This is not the only reason why we have chosen to visit Goa. We belong to Goa and our ancestors inhabited this beautiful and fantastic place. But when Portuguese occupied Goa, fearing conversions, our ancestors fled from this place and made Kerala their homes. The regional language spoken in Goa is Konkani and I am excited to go to a place where I can speak my Mother tongue.

We have our family deities in Goa known as Kuladevatas and we would be visiting these temples, the wonderful sun kissed beaches and other famous landmarks. I would be spending 3-4 days in Goa and I believe this may be a trifle short stay to cover and explore the beautiful and picturesque Goa.

Will this trip help us find more about our roots? I am going to experience Goa’s culture and want to see how it matches ours- that is those who have migrated to south India (kerala) as we have adopted lot of South Indian customs. So I will come back and tell you what experience this travel has given me. Keep watching for the coming series on Goa.

Goa here I come!!!