A recent news item in an English daily would come as a great relief to many travellers, who lose their belongings and money as now they can lodge complaint in the nearest police stations in the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu irrespective of where the theft had occurred. But I have my own apprehensions as to how this would help to reduce the number of incidents like this, when the driver and conductor who are responsible to take the vehicle to the nearest police station would actually do so.

I would like to narrate my personal experience.Once I was travelling from Kovilpatti to Sivakasi and I had boarded the bus and had a hand luggage and a shoulder bag in my hand, even before I got a seat some body stealthily removed my purse with deft hands and I was unaware of the same. As I made it to my seat I tried to open my purse and was shocked to find my purse missing. Even before the conductor approached me I raised an alarm and alerted him. I was pretty sure the culprit was inside the bus as it had happened with in few seconds and I remembered a lady brushing against me.

But instead of helping a person in distress, the conductor unceremoniously threw me out of the bus asking me to search for it outside and he spoke very rudely too. Helpless I got out of the bus eyes welling with tears, I boarded an auto and reached the college where I work which is five Kilometers away. The auto fellow also fleeced me . I had to borrow money from the college I visit and could resume my journey. The only relief was that the conductor didn’t throw me out on a lonely highway which would have been disastrous as I could find this at the starting point itself. From that time onwards I have become extra careful during my travel.

I am sharing this experience that this would be helpful for many as it would be better to be cautious than expecting any co operation from on duty personnel. Now I hope there will be mandatory instructions to drivers and conductors to take the bus to the nearest police station when ever such cases occur.

Jai Ho!!!!