When we were young there used to be special sessions in schools to teach moral values (I am talking about 2- 3 decades back). Where have they disappeared? Many of you would also feel the same when you see the sad state of affairs that is happening around us. A country which boasts of rich cultural heritage is coming to a naught as many of us have forgotten to guide the younger generation.What kind of society are we building? Who is responsible? Our children are getting exposed to the most advanced technology but values are degrading in our society, there is no doubt about it.

We greeted our teachers , rose from our seat when elders entered and were tolerant than the present generation. As I am meeting students from various colleges on a regular basis I do have to remind them to greet the teachers. The beautiful words Namaste , Vanakkam, Namaskaram and any kind of greeting are alien to students. What I see is a kind of indifference in their attitude. Most teachers complain that students make fun of them. We respected our teachers and always craved for their attention.

Many of you would remember your Moral Science classes and how they were enjoyed by every one. Through stories or various narrations good values were instilled in our little minds by the teachers. At home it would be elders giving out beautiful stories and even if it was the same story we enjoyed them. Unconsciously we have imbibed what is good and what is not so good and that has helped us in learning how to behave, talk, share, respect and also learn the importance being honest in life. For many my view would seem outdated but the scenario today is making me believe that the society we lived was much better, though we were not exposed to so much technology.

Today in many schools, there is no time for Moral Science classes as the schedule needs to be filled with curriculum,test and model test for achieving better results. More over working mothers , nuclear families, absence of elderly people around, distractions like TV and computers keeps the children away from getting the valuable lessons of life.

Recently I was shocked when a young kid of just 5 lied to me even with out batting an eyelid. How quickly he was able concoct one shocked me.

The reactions to various situations also differ in kids these days. They are highly irritable, impatient and I see attention deficiency in many children.

A child needs lot of affection, Care and guidance from parents as well as teachers. What is preached must be practiced too.This would go a long way in building a healthier society. Are there Moral Science classes in your child’s school?. As a parent do you spend quality time with your child? Do you have any thing to share regarding above? Please I would like to know your opinion too.
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