I had written about Perumal the cute little fellow in one of my earlier posts. When I visited Chennai recently I didn’t make up my mind to invite this little fellow home as I was there only for two days and had lot of work on hand. But my luck decided otherwise. I chanced upon Perumal and I was too happy to see him as he was returning from school. Even before I could take in the scene fully, my eyes met another little figure walking behind him and my jaw just touched the floor . Oh my God….. I saw another Perumal, same height, same size, same uniform. My eyes widened but could see the twinkle and smile of my Perumal but still I stopped in my track to find out who the other fellow was. Then Perumal told he is one of the twins. Though Perumal had mentioned about his brother it never struck me that it could be his twin. That was a PLEASANT SURPRISE. Seeing my puzzled look in identifying them, Perumal pointed out a small cut on forehead of other boy and said his name is Kannan Perumal and I was amused – Perumal and Kannan Perumal, nice names to remember.

Then Kannan Perumal said that he also wanted to come to our house but Perumal was reluctant to show him the same. Both were vying to get my attention and were trying to impress me about their performance in school. Both were fairing well in their studies. I asked them to meet me next day and got them some biscuits and sweets. We could see they were bare foot and we decided to get footwear for both and got two pairs and waited for them eagerly. But they didn’t turn up. I was sad:-( . Now the foot wear is lying safely packed inside my house . May be I would be able to hand over those things next time.

I don’t know why they didn’t turn up. They were very much enthusiastic. Did their parents feel that we were going overboard or have they decided not to take freebies from others. I liked them and was trying to be helpful. May be their pride prevented them from accepting these things or some other engagement would have cropped for those little fellows. But for those answers I will have to wait till my next visit to Chennai.
See you soon!!