“What have my children done”? wails the mother repeatedly who has lost two of her children in the recent Pune blast. What else would she do otherwise? Her whole world has crashed down. It has become dark. Will the parents find light at all in their lives again.

Bearing and bringing up and seeing them well settled in life is any parents wish. As per the NDTV list 9 precious lives are lost. Now what do their families do? What is left for them? When I was watching the TV my eyes were moist. I think any person in flesh and blood would have felt that. It still chokes me. All the dreams and aspirations of the family was shattered just in a moment. The youngsters would have never even imagined in their wildest of their dreams that they were embarking on their last journey.

Life has become so insecure. Not sure whether somebody would return home if one ventures out. It could be anybody’s child, Yours or mine but imagine the loss of the family. Nothing could bring back the happiness to them again in their life. Rest of their life they would have to pass through agony and trauma.

Like this how many times we have lost our young citizens? what have they done? Will the perpetrators of terrorism and killings give a thought to this?. I know this will not have any effect, as for them blood and relationship has no meaning. They are brain washed , desensitized to carry on with the work , God knows for what.

Security has to be tightened no doubt, in spite of repeated attacks the steps taken by the Government are inadequate. We get so much involved in our trivial internal problems, the country’s security is the price we pay for causing the loss of innocents. Will everyone wake up from the slumber?. Instead of petty fighting let’s stand united and work together forgetting caste, creed, religion and rise above the political divide to save the country from negative influences.

My heart felt prayers to those who have lost their lives in Pune blast and hope God gives their kith and kin enough strength during these most difficult times.