My son was home for Christmas holidays and we planned a trip to Thekkady. After a 2 1/2 hours drive we reached Thekkady. Thekkady is the largest wild life sanctuary in India and is known for its thick green forests and is a haven for various species of birds and animals. It is also declared as a Tiger reserve few years back. Tourists who want to enjoy nature flock to this place.

The Periyar river flowing by, makes it an enchanting place. Boat ride around the Periyar is quite famous and usually tourist take the ride to watch the animals and to enjoy the cool and serene atmosphere of the place. The recent boat tragedy in Periyar has put a stop to the joy rides temporarily and we found all the boats moored.

We enjoyed the calm atmosphere in Thekkady’s Tiger reserve and stood gazing at the quite flowing Periyar for a while. The Mullaperiyar dam an artificial dam is constructed across the river. Enjoy some pictures sans wild animals, No… we found some monkeys.

Periyar wildlife sanctuary

Periyar Lake

The Wild life Sanctuary

A wasp's nest

Tourist using bamboo raft

Tiger reserve

The only elephant we saw

A souvenir shop