I am just recovering from a bout of flu and cold and was curled up in bed for 3-4 days popping paracetamol and some Ayurvedic preparations in between. This time though I had a mild soreness in the throat it didn’t develop into a major catastrophe . I haven’t fully recovered from it yet. I just wanted to meet a physician but the thought of the long winding queues as big as the Tirupathi ones and list of medicines as long as half a kilometre made me put off the trip. Still continuing with my home remedies.

I just remember how it was years back when doctors treated us as their own family members . For them the well being of their patients was utmost in their minds. They prescribed very few medicines but never failed to pep up the patient which was a sure technique to cure the patient faster. How well they knew the psychology of the patient, Hats off to them. Neither there were long queues nor the doctor was in a hurry to show the patient the door to usher in the next one. They had a comforting or soothing word which used to cure 50% of the ailments and they made correct diagnosis . What I have said above perfectly fits our family doctor late Dr. B.D. Mallaya and who had a clinic in Mattanchery. People from nearby villages and towns also sought his service. He provided succor to the needy. His compounder was also equally good and both had a wonderful approach. As soon as the check up was done a prescription would be given and the compounder, fondly called as Chello would start making the concoctions for our ailments .

There would be an array of coloured syrups which would be mixed with so much deftness by him and poured into a measuring bottle. It would be marked as 6 doses to be taken thrice a day along with some powders to be mixed with honey as they used to be bitter. The six doses would work like magic and was a sure cure. Never heard of antibiotics in those days. Now this has become indispensable for every virus attack.

When Dr B.D. Mallaya passed away a pall of gloom descended on the whole town and every one felt they were bereaved. I remember my whole family was sad and that was the topic of discussion for the next few days in the of the small town where I lived . As I write this also I am getting a lump in my throat. I am paying my tributes to him along with my family.

Today, we cannot blame the present day doctors also. With population explosion and each clinic resembling a sea of people, the doctors are trying to do the best thing possible in the present circumstances. Diagnosis is also not simple these days what with bird, swine, rat, dengue ruling the list of flu’s now.The doctor would draw flak and law suits if it is not diagnosed properly.

The medicines prescribed these days really zaps all the energy and it takes a long time before the patient can bounce back to normal. We are encountering aliens every year, in the list of flu who are here to stay with us. It is better to lead a healthy life with nutritious food, followed by a fitness regime and keeping the mind strong to survive the attacks from the strengthening viruses and bacterias .
Take care!
Happy and Healthy Living!