You would have probably guessed what I am going to write about. The title would have given you some indication and more over we are going to celebrate the Children’s day on November14 th. Our late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was fond of children. His birthday is celebrated in India as Children’s Day.He is fondly addressed by the young ones by the name of Chacha Nehru.

The little angels in everybody’s life brings so much happiness and all parents would know how much pleasure they derive when they look at the innocent face of their cute little ones. I think it’s really a God’s blessing to have the little bundles in one’s hands and I believe God entrusts the bundle to us to handle them with care. Hence we must devote good quality time to these little ones in our life as we are responsible for their physical and mental growth.The environment provided must be conducive to their growth and what has been sowed would be reaped.

When young itself good habits like cleanliness,reading habits, organizing and systematic way of doing things can be inculcated in children. Instead of giving sermons, it would be better to set an example so the child learns through watching elders. Good values also must be instilled when young itself.. Some parents feel that the children would learn all the things when they grow up or feel the school will take care of.

Recently my neighbour came with a wad of printed sheets which contained articles about positive thinking and personality development and asked me to teach her young son the same. Is it that easy like popping a pill. I told the young mother these things cannot be taught only by book and needs active participation and the practice of parents with positive attitude and exemplary character during their day to day life cycle.

I have come across many trainers of personality development doling out exercises from books but speak to them for 5 minutes one would get the real picture. What I am trying to say is, setting positive attitudes and developing personalty do not happen through only reading or training. One thing that happens through training is motivation and may be the person can develop certain skills that are required today in this challenging environment. External resource persons can help to some extent provided they get to interact with them for a reasonable period of time.

I would like to mention here, very often we come across parents punishing the wards with out the wards understanding why they are being punished. Unless the child is made to be aware of the reason for punishment there is a possibility the child could repeat the same mistake again . Hence I would suggest that everyone should pause to think before doling out the punishment whether the child understands why it is being punished . If yes, the punishment need not be severe at all because the child has already learnt what it should not do or why it should not do.

There are many in the children in the world who are waiting for little love and affection. They are also like our own children, so when opportunity arises let’s give some meaning to their life also.

Happy Children’s day for the wonderful creations of God ; the Little Angels.