Diwali Celebrations went off smoothly. As usual we got up early, lighted few diyas and my son performed the traditional aarthi. By that time my nephew and niece arrived, they stay next door a twin house arrangement which is mutually beneficial. They handed over some neatly folded packets and I was surprised to see a new shimmering blue sari inside. She touched my feet and I was overwhelmed, I blessed her. We had planned the lunch together so I told her I would get some dishes ready.

Next item on our agenda was spending sometime with kids of anbu karangal, an orphanage near my house. I got 2 packets of sweets and we decided to sponsor their breakfast for a day, as I felt that it will reduce the burden of the organizers by a little.

As we reached the building, the gate was opened and soon I could see lot of kids in the age group of 5-10 greeting us. They surrounded us and started greeting us ‘Happy Diwali’ .I think they were trained in doing that. Then we met the administrator and completed the formalities. The lady then wanted to know if there was any particular reason for sponsoring. For us there was no reason other than providing food for a few kids. She informed me that usually they say prayers in the name of the sponsors before the meal. I asked her to pray in the name of the kids themselves as the little ones need all the blessings from the Almighty. Again the kids came towards us and started shaking hands, which they wouldn’t leave. Were they looking for their mother in me? They did the same with my hubby and son and we were standing inside a circle trapped by those little ones which we enjoyed a lot. I forgot the whole world and could see only innocent little children yearning for little love and affection. One child in particular kept shaking hands with us calling his friends to show how well he’s doing the act. My eyes were flooded with tears; I didn’t know what was happening to me. Only relief was that they get food, shelter and education from this anbu karangal. God bless those little children. I would say these kinds of experiences really bring us down to earth. Human greed never gets satiated; I think we should spend some time with this hapless lot to see what God has really bestowed us with. As we came out my hubby also told me his eyes are blurred because of tears, I told my son he must also continue contributing to the little children as and when he could.

My Diwali I feel became sweeter than my besan ladoos and nankattais I made as I could spend a little time with those kids bringing some light in their life. Let god help me to help them more and more. When I move over to Chennai I have plans to spend more time with those children teaching them something which would be worth while for them.