I was fascinated by the title Wear it pink in Hindu magazine dated October 4th, pink being my favourite colour. The read was as interesting and important as the title. I thought it is an important subject and decided to share with all my friends. Wear it Pink is all about creating awareness about breast cancer among the people as October being the Breast Cancer Awareness month. The breast cancer research has decided to hold a Wear It Pink Campaign in UK and Ireland to raise money and they are urging people to participate in this big event scheduled for 30th October. All the money raised through project will be used for research and treating the breast- cancer patients hoping to improve the quality of their life.

This made me search further on this subject as to what is happening in India. Here the Indian Cancer society has organized a mela in the first week of October for this campaign. Walk on Marina in Chennai is another campaign organized by the Cancer care India and Canstop where celebrities, sports men, doctors, and survivors of cancer will walk with one walk one hope to create mass awareness among the public.

A recent study conducted by the Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai has shown that though the cervical cancer among the educated elite women have come down, the incidence of breast cancer has increased by 200% . It is really alarming.

India accounts for nearly six percent of deaths due to breast cancer globally. A study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) shows that there will be approximately 250000 new cases of breast cancer in India by 2015.

Detection and curing the disease in the early stage will help a patient to lead a normal life. My sister-in law was detected with breast cancer in the early stages when she was in her forties. The timely treatment helped her to lead a healthy life for over two decades. I want to mention here that family, relatives and friends played a huge role in her difficult circumstances to reduce her physical and mental trauma.

Another incident, an acquaintance of mine in her late twenties succumbed to the same dreadful disease as she did not seek medical help out of shyness at the right time and when she sought the same it was too late.

The real causes are not known but some of the factors influencing to breast cancers are family history, genetic and hereditary factors, rapidly changing life styles, menstrual factors i.e. women who started menstruating early and who have menopause late; related to higher life time exposures to the hormone oestrogen and progesterone, and women with no children or who had their babies after the age of 35. Oral contraceptives, post menopausal hormone therapy and obesity after menopause also increases risk of breast cancer. But all this factors are relative and not absolute. All this factors need not create a fear in our minds as we must believe in the adage prevention is better than cure.

Early detection of the cancer is very essential and a monthly self examination is a must and if fibrous growth or lump is felt, with out delay it needs to be examined by a medical practitioner. It may be either benign or malignant but timely intervention will help a person to cure and save the life.

As I felt that this is a breast cancer awareness month I also decided to carry the torch of light spreading valuable information, enlightening my readers about the dangers of this puzzling and painful killer.

We may not wear pink on that day but we can surely spread the good word around.

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