Today September 5th, is Teachers day in India. As every body knows it is dedicated to Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan who was a staunch believer of education and was one of the greatest scholars and teachers of all times, apart from being the President of India. During his tenure as President he was approached by students to celebrate his birthday, September 5th. He rather told them to celebrate it as Teacher’s Day and since then this day is celebrated as Teacher’s Day.

On this occasion I want to remember and pay my heart felt tributes to my teachers who have influenced and helped me to shape my life. I think what ever I am today I owe a lot to my teachers and in this context the first name that pops to my mind is that of Sri Krishana Rao master, The Head master of T.D High school Kochi. He was tall and had a commanding personality. My hands used get folded automatically in Namaste when ever I met him as I revered him a lot. He was a good disciplinarian and during his tenure as head master, the school achieved an excellent name in the district as the district toppers were always from his school. The teachers under him followed the leader and were dedicated to the core. The sincerity and dedication of the teaching staff helped to instill good values in the students.

Krishna Rao Master, I came to know him closely when he taught English to me. He had simple, fantastic techniques to teach Grammar and I use the same today to teach my students and every time my students excel well and start to speak English I send a silent prayer to him who is no more in this world. He used to make us go through Grammar exercises again and again till every one understood and got it right. When my students do not understand I go to any length to make them understand patiently what my Master taught me. This quality I learned from him. I think all teachers must be like Sri.Krishana Rao. I know I am no where near him as he was a highly knowledgeable person. My Pranams to you, Sir.

I was fortunate to have many teachers who were kind and understanding. Those days people who were passionate about teaching only entered the profession. They were affectionate and loved us like their own children. I also remember my class teacher Smt. Puthali Bai who treated me like her daughter. She treated every student equally but every student felt she was treating them like her children. Puthali in Konkani means money equivalent in gold and her heart was really made of gold. She was very much concerned about my studies , health etc. This is the beautiful quality a teacher should have, that is considering all students as her own children. It makes a whole lot of difference when teacher’s attitude is like that. I am saluting all my teachers on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

I wonder how many of the present generation students will be able to remember their teachers with the same respect like we had and have for our teachers.

Happy Teacher’s Day.