When I became a blogger a couple of months back I had doubts how my blogs would be viewed by others. But slowly and steadily my blog is getting a good readership. Recognition is very important for a person and it is coming my way and I know I have a long way to go.This is only a beginning.

First I received the Indus Ladies finest blog award for the month of July followed by Parentree’s grand prize for the summer vacation blog . I also got a 70/100 rank from Indi Blogger. Now it is the the International Bloggers Community Award and the Lemonade Blog award given to me by “Shivya” . I thank her for the same. It’s awards galore for me. I am really honored.

My son is also a blogger and he is the one who encouraged me to write blogs. A great hug for you my dear!. He, the Taste Master is also receiving various rewards for his blogs on Chennai burpp.com and I am adding to it by passing on this Lemonade blog Award and International Bloggers Community Award to “Tastemaster” for his wonderful contribution on food reviews. I am also passing it on to “Petals” for her lovely book reviews and thought provoking blogs.

It is not the material rewards that is attractive but the appreciation , words of praise, the pats on the back, the hugs etc.are more motivating.This however may vary from person to person’s perspective and could also could vary depending on the situation and circumstances one is in.

I thank all my well wishers and those who have encouraged me through their comments and criticisms which helped me look at things from a different angle.

Thanks once again!