Two wheelers (Motor vehicles) are a great boon to the humanity. It has made commuting easy and convenient. A ride by the bike is really a nice experience provided it is driven with all safety precautions. One can move at one’s own convenience and can avoid crowded buses and avoid wastage of time if one could afford. But if the vehicle is not used properly it may also land people into trouble.

While driving, youngsters today throw caution to the wind and ride their bikes at top speed. They never think about safety while speeding past on their flashy bikes and some do not possess a valid license to drive. Last week in my class a boy proudly told me that he went around Chennai city in a car with his friends and had a jolly good time. I asked whether he has a license and he coolly replied that he doesn’t have but can drive the car very well. This boy is only 17 years of age. I advised him not to drive a car till he is 18 and holds a valid license. He nodded his head but I am sure all this will not hold water as they get family support.

It is a very common sight now a days where little children as young as 7-8 year old riding bikes. Today as we were waiting to get things from a shop a small boy aged 13 came with a Scooty and my hubby immediately asked him whether he and his parents are aware that it is an offense to ride the 2 wheelers by kids. He said he was aware of the same. Many parents in fact proudly tell that their wards can ride 2 wheelers and they pillion ride on the same.

I had gone to a temple recently which has a huge vacant ground around it. Two children, may be under 10 were having a race on Mopeds and their parents were proudly watching the same. Are they not putting their own children’s and others’ life in peril? I thought twice before crossing the ground to go to the temple.

In many villages we often find young kids riding mopeds for convenience as buses do not ply frequently. This is also dangerous. How will the children respond when there are situations where they need to react quickly? Will their reactions be right? Will they panic? The traffic rule says that a person is eligible for a driving license only when he is 18. When rules are framed it is definitely with certain factors in mind like mental and physical maturity of the person.

Many would have read the news item in the news paper recently about how an 8 year old was riding a car and all his teachers were applauding the same. Now that has landed the Head master, RTO and other authorities in a soup.

When will our people learn to follow rules? Why are the rules made? When we are living in a society is not our responsibility to follow the rules laid by it? Violating rules may escape attention sometimes or even many times but that should not be the reason for violating one. As elders and knowledgeable it is our duty to guide our children on the right path.

I think the educational institutions can play a great role in creating awareness among the students and parents. In fact I have heard of popular engineering colleges in Trivandrum and Chennai banning their students entering their college in two wheelers but still some, on the sly use two wheelers and park at some near by places and play heroes. I would suggest this awareness be started in primary schools so that, where students hero worship their teachers the probability of their following their beloved teacher’s instructions/commands are more.

Still if somebody continues, there should be stringent laws which not only punish the offenders but also their parents and they should be barred from driving any vehicle there after. I am sure one day we will find the newer generation follow all rules and regulation and live in a happy and attractive environment.

Happy and safe driving!