When I made my last post on Krishaanu, my husband jokingly commented. Isn’t your blog about the musings of a mother and how your posts are on something else these days? My argument was I am a mother and I can post anything related to my life. The beautiful ride of life that teaches the sweet and and not so sweet things, our various experiences which makes us wiser and the beautiful relationship we build with people as we go about our journey of life.

There is no dearth of my thoughts for me as a young mother. At the same time I want to live in the present also as to what is happening in our society.

But today I want to let my thoughts wander a few years back when I was a young mother completely immersed in devoting time to my son.

When my son used to wake up he would start with the cry alarm and immediately I would make sounds bigger than him to distract him, tell him something interesting to catch his attention and he would calm down immediately. How much energy is required for a young mother is difficult to explain. But I haven’t done anything like what my mother has done as I had 5 siblings. Ha! the thought of looking after 6 children itself drains my energy. Kudos to my mom.

I wanted my son to develop interest in his studies and to create the same I innovated some simple games. When he started going to Kindergarten I made lot of props for him. I would draw and cut the alphabets and color it so that my son had to pick up the ones I used to call out. As it was an activity I could hold his attention and he didn’t feel he was learning. I kept a drawing book and would draw various pictures of animals, birds,cars planes etc and he would watch how my hands moved and he had a separate slate on which he would try to draw his pictures. Even today I enjoy this activity when children are around, this is how I spend time with them.

For learning numbers I used Cadburys ‘gems’ and I would spread the same on a table. counting, subtraction adding and all came easily to him as it was interesting and at the end of the game it was all his. Another virtue he learnt was patience as he would wait for the game to get over.

My son had his own way of keeping me on my toes, was quite mischievous like other kids of his age. Kitchen was his favourite place and he engaged himself with his activities. Once he started carrying an oil can with two kilos of oil in it. As I was engrossed with the my work I didn’t notice much what was happening at my back. When I turned around I could see a pool of oil and was shocked. My son was oblivious to what was happening. He was dragging the can and it developed the crack and whole contents spilled out. I could not put my legs any where to reach my son.The floor was slippery. This is the only time I think I lost my cool and shouted. My son seeing me in a new avatar started crying at the top of his voice. I felt totally helpless. Hearing the commotion in my house my landlady peeped in through the door and took my son away leaving me to clean all the mess. I failed when the pressure arose but I understood I was also very young then. Since then I too learnt how to tackle situations and I am proud to say I did pass out with flying colours.

I have given my best to my son and now I want him to carry it forward for the next generation.