Dear Krishaanu

Dear Krishnaanu

This is Krishnaanu, my mother’s cousin (Aanu meaning elder brother, in Konkani.That is how my mother called him) We too call him fondly by that name. He completed his 100th birthday recently, on May 3rd 2009. It is a great mile stone in any ones life time and where very few have ventured. He is a medical practitioner of Ayurveda and led a highly disciplined life, served the people by his expertise and never have I seen him greedy for money unlike the many medical practitioners commercialising today. Many would have benefited from his services and he always had a soft corner for the poor. He made every one comfortable with his soothing words. I never saw him boasting about his credentials, he was a man who behaved like ‘God has given us one mouth to talk and two ears to listen’ and he listened more to people .He is loved by every body. I think we all have a lesson to learn from this great man who served the people silently. Very rarely we come across people like this.

Last week when I received the photographs of his 100th birthday celebrations immediately I went in a reminiscent mood. My mind flew back to the days when his clinic was next door to our house and we little children used to spend time in his clinic . He used to keep his Kashayams and Lehyams in an adjacent room to his consulting room and whenever he went there to take medicines for his patients we would also peep inside and he gladly obliged us with samples of various Lehyams which he prescribed as general tonic, for taste and that taste still lingers on my tongue. It used to be so tasty many a time we have helped ourselves with little portions on our own when he was too busy with his patients. All this never bothered him as he loved children and never complained. I do not know if it was for the lehyams we frequented his clinic or was it because we loved him dearly because he never even once gave the impression that we troubled him.

He is a calm person who had learnt to take everything in his stride. He let us chatter more and seemed to enjoy everything and once in a while shared something funny which we all enjoyed. We used to visit his house also and I have happy memories of the same. When we shifted to a different locality he visited us taking time off his walking schedule to say hello to all of us. He used to speak politely in soft tones and he is highly respected by all . In this present world where with a little knowledge people tend to be arrogant here we have a professional who is humble, sincere and helpful. I bow my head in salutations to this simple and humble human being.

I remember he always had a smile on his face. When he lost his wife also he bore it silently and his beautiful and wonderful daughters became a pillar of strength from him. A few years back I went to meet him, that was 7-8 years back, the inviting smile was still there. When I saw the photograph of his centenary celebrations it made me realise how fast the time has flown. Presently he is staying with his daughter in Kochi.

May God shower all his blessings on my dear Krishnaanu and give him health and I am using this opportunity to express my love and regards to our Dear Krishnaanu.

My Pranams to you Krishnaanu.

Krishnaanus family-5 generations

Krishnaanu's family-5 generations