Children often teach us a lesson or two and my son has surprised me no end. I took it upon me to teach my son all good values to make him a sensible individual. In my earlier post I had mentioned he had sack full of toys and he would keep everything in good condition and after playing I made him to put back the toys in a big bag. To encourage him to do so I would hold the bag and would start counting and he would bring toys one by one. This enabled him to understand that what ever articles he takes out to play/use will have to be put back to its storage position when he has done away with it.

I also told him not to play with others toys with out their permission and if at all he played he should return the same after the play was over. I recollect two situations, how my son surprised me when we went to visit our friends in Calcutta.

Scene 1

We reached the friend’s house. We started chatting. My son was bored as there were only grown ups in that house. Our host brought an old flute made of steel at least two decades old and gave to my son to play. My son was happy. As we were bidding good bye my son reluctantly kept the flute down. Seeing his glum face the host told. ‘Take it home if you want”. My son looked at him and then at me.

I kept quiet. Then my son asked me ‘can we take this home, even before I answered, the host repeated “take it with you’. Then my son looked at him and declared “I am asking my mother if she says ‘Yes’ I will take other wise I won’t”. We all laughed. I told him that as the uncle has given permission, if he wants he can take it with him and he happily carried it home. My heart swelled with pride. My son has remembered the rule I taught.

Scene 2

We visit another friend’s house; they too had a son ,but a little older than mine. When elders chatted both children were playing. After an hour or so we returned. As we were nearing our house I felt my bag was slightly heavy and put my hand inside and felt some toy. I was shocked. What happened to the lessons I taught! We reached home & I opened my bag and found a toy car with one or two wheels missing. I was upset, I questioned him. Pat came the reply. “See the condition of the car. I thought I would repair it and return it to him in good condition”. Should I get angry or understand his innocence. I was confused. I rang up our friend and informed that one of their toys had come to our house for repairs.

But I learnt a good lesson that day, children are children. They are innocent .We should understand them and try to explain things patiently instead of venting our anger on them. I never remember beating my child even once. I thought beating would be painful and it would hurt them mentally also .When god has given us better faculties of reasoning and patience we must use it well. I always felt, when we beat a child we are failing in tackling the problem. In a way we are showing our strength to a weakling. When I come across mothers whacking the innocents with stick or with their tongue my heart bleeds. Are we not teaching violence to our children? We also do many mistakes which are conveniently swept under the carpet. My opinion is mothers play a great role in the formative years of a child and she can make a big difference in the life of her child. When we practise good qualities the kids imitate the same when they are young and when they grow they make that a habit. Good qualities just simply don’t fall out of the sky. It needs to be cultivated.