My son has a good sense of humour; I think that he got from his dad. My hubby used to tell him lot of stories, fun packed and they had gala of time whenever they were together. My husband was on tour most of the days hence it was my turn to be the story teller when he was away. It was really challenging for me as my son wanted to listen to stories every day. So every afternoon after lunch I used to pack him off to bed and told him the story of ‘Elephant and the tailor’ which is very popular among children. He loved elephant stories but soon got fed up of the same story. So everyday I told him the same story spicing up here and there and it would appear as if it was a new story and last few lines would end like the same elephant-tailor story. When I would start the sentence ‘then the tailor pricked it with the needle’ he would laugh and push me aside telling. “Cheating, cheating”. But he really loved those stories even though they were repetitions.

Later we made a slight change in the story .We made it like how the elephant came to visit our cousin’s house which had a narrow gate. I narrated as if it was really taking place through actions which my son enjoyed well. I would tell. “The elephant cannot come in so we push & push from behind and when the elephant is finally inside it falls with a thud …” and he wanted to hear it again and again. An elephant inside the house might have amused the little one’s mind a lot. Recently I saw an advertisement, an animated cartoon in those lines and it transported me to those fun filled days.

This one really had him in splits when my hubby added a little masala to it. He continued the story. The elephant felt like visiting the toilet. Then it was pushed inside again and it sits on the water closet and dhumm… there is a big sound. A small crack appears in the toilet. Then the closet is full of big balls’. It took a while for all of us to stop laughing.

Once we were visiting the museum in Calcutta. . We saw a skeleton of an elephant and my son was watching it carefully. Then my hubby started explaining that to him and finally pointing to the bottom part of the skeleton he said “laddu making machine”. we found it difficult to suppress our laugh. This happened years back. But it still brings smile to my lips.

My son has grown up but when we are together we still spent some time recalling those days and having hearty laugh which binds us together.