Our family was and is very small, a closely knit one with my son, hubby and me. My husband used to help me in the kitchen and on weekends he would prepare mouth watering pav baji or pizza and we relished his cooking. Seeing him in the kitchen my son would have also thought that he can also try his hands at cooking .

My son wears the chef’s cap.He makes his first dish:

I think my son was in 2nd or 3rd standard. One day he told me he is going to make some thing interesting and told me to stay out of the kitchen. As it didn’t require any cooking I made way for him. After a few minutes he came out with an attractive pudding . It was pink in color and he kept that in the fridge for a while. I appreciated him a lot as it was his first recipe.

He had soaked bread in little milk and sugar and added a few drops of rose essence to it. Then he put that into a jelly mold and gave a round shape to it. It looked very attractive.

when it was chilled & ready to eat we had a big surprise waiting for us. I had put a small spoon of that into my mouth and along with sweetness it tasted salty . I swallowed it lest my son would get disappointed. But he was happy with his creation. Even now I tease him sometimes for adding salt in the sweet dish.

As he was growing up his visits to kitchen were only to find snacks & to make some juice. I thought his interest waned but to my surprise he is back with a bang. He has become independent, cooks well and has become a real Taste master.